A Paradise in Portugal with an African Soul…a unique eco-retreat

For those of you who have visited us before, you will be thrilled to see we have made a definite move towards making our lives and business greener, simpler and happier, without losing any of the comfort, good cooking and adventurous expeditions for which we are well known.

We recently bought a 46 hectare farm 10km from our old base. It is a beautiful, tranquil place and because we were either renovating extensively, or building from scratch, we were able, to a large extent, integrate our buildings into the natural splendour of the farm.

It is an idyllic place with rivers, dams, forests of cork oak and mountains. The orchard, planted over three decades ago, produces the most amazing fruits and our veggie garden is really wonderful.

Although we are 5km from the beach, where in the past we were closer, we now have a large fresh water lake for swimming and paddling and the benefits the farm offers far outweigh any negatives of this remove from the beachfront.

Situated on the most south western point of Portugal (Cabo de San Vincente) it is hidden from the main stream tourists.

Much more than just adventure and activities, a holiday with Aqua Ventura is also about rediscovering your sense of self, de-stressing, unwinding, re-awaking your sense of wonder at the world you live in and re-earthing back to NATURA.

Walks: Bush walks. enchanted forrest, great coastal walking with the incredible scenery, small villages where time has stopped, long walks, short walks, is a walking paradise.

Bird watching: Incredible bird sanctuary, where the birds can be seen from the balcony, go further to find rare and migrating birds.

Cycling: Great mounting biking and road biking.

Tree spotting: small and big.

Snorkelling: in crystalline waters.

Mushroom picking: Incredible area for “The Quite Hunt”.

Kayaking: River or sea, incredible scenery, caves, hidden beaches and monumental cliffs.

Climbing: Sport climbing, deep water solo climbing (only in summer).

Surfing: World class surf for beginners or pros.

Body boarding: A good introduction to waves and ocean.

Sea Trips: Dolphin and wales watching trips.

Sunset watching: Incredible end of the world view from Cabo de San Vicente's lighthouse (the most south western tip of Europe). As you stand on the wave-battered cliffs watching the sun sink below the horizon, you can imagine the courage it took for sailors to set off into this deep blue during the age of discovery.

Star gazing: The nights are dark until you look up to the skies, clean from all the city light pollution, the darkness presents us with the most incredible show.

Delicious meals: Local meat and fish, plus great vegetables and fruits from local markets and our own incredible garden to make it all so tasty.

Soak up the sun on the wooden deck overlooking the indigenous jungle.

At night fires and candle-light create a tranquil glow that pushes the darkness back into the bush-filled night.

The main living area has different spaces, either cosy and private or open-plan where you can meet other travellers.

Relax in solitude and read a book, have a cup of tea with someone from Peru, stretch your mind in a game of Trivial Pursuit with a group of Belgian students; no matter what you want to do, chances are we have the space where you will be comfortable doing it.

Violetta, an artist as well as a fabulous cook, has created comfortable, individually decorated rooms that are heated with cosy fires in winter.

Making music!!! We welcome all who want to come and share their talent with us and our guests!

Bath in the bush:

Aromatherapy. ‘Off-grid” electricity, most of our energy is renewable.

Outside camp fires: barbecue nights, marshmallows and red wine.

Cheese and wine tasting evenings.

Reading in a hammock.

Drawing or painting.

Paper Making.

Swing on the lake.

A walk to the village restaurant.
Aqua Ventura
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