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Portugal is not first associated with walking but as it is with most places, when you start exploring, you find some truly beautiful and impressive scenery to explore. The walking is mainly coastal with massive sea cliffs, wild oceans,, delicate flowers,long white beaches, birds of prey, little white washed villages and the smell of a country that is still moving on slow time. Inland walking is more gentle, with farmland and small woods making up the scenery. The walks we offer are dynamic in that they can be tailored to suite different types of walkers, short walks, long walks, hilly hard walks or just short informative walks. We offer a range of walking packages but these are also dynamic and can be tailored to suite the group or individuals needs.

Sunshine and adventure are the key words for this trip. Exciting water based adventures ideal for the summer sunshine. The whole family getting fitter and healthier with plenty of exciting activities and finish the day with home-cooked food, and plenty of it.

Whether it is walking, activity or mixed holidays. We can plan trips according to the groups needs and abilities. Groups can take advantage of the great offers. We have lots of ideas to make it a "best holiday ever".


Climbing in the Algarve is little known.. The limestone is of superb quality. Whether you are climbing on the sea cliffs or inland on one of the massive´s, it is all excellent rock. Grades vary from easy 3+ up to 8. There are literally thousands of trad. route all around the area and for the summer there is world class deep water soloing.

Beautiful coastlines on the south and west coast of sw Portugal offers some spectacular paddling. We offer various trips, days trips around the coast and 3 and 5 day expedition trips. Long white beaches, massive sea cliffs, some challenging sea conditions make for exciting and spectacular paddling.

Mountain biking in the western Algarve is world class. There are kms of unspoiled tracks and paths. The area is unknown, little explored and offers a huge amount of off road biking. The terrain is hilly but not mountainous... it is possible to do a 40km off road flattish ride or a 15km tough off road hilly cycle. The area is a criss - cross of mountain and forest tracks. Good all year weather means that cycling is possible any time of the year. Adding to the trips we offer support with both route descriptions and transport. Also available are mountain bikes and safety equipment for rental.

This is a new holiday package specially developed for the over 50s. For the past couple of years we have been running very successful walking holidays to the Spanish coast for this age group. Occasionally we have some extra time or a free day and the group decides to do some other activity; either kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling or a bit of down hill biking. (deleted sentence). I have had such a positive response from this age group that we are now offering this adventure trip to
It is a mixture of adventure, fun, fun, fun, culture and relaxation!
All the activities can be done by people with absolutely no experience.

Surfing is definitely a must when you visit the Algarve.. There are many different types of waves and beaches, so weather you are a beginner or just looking for some local guiding we can help you. The surf is located on the south and west coast, giving the possibility of very different types of waves be it for beginners or seasoned surfers.

We offer a variety of activities, with something for everybody. The activities are group-based and vary from trip to trip according to requirements and weather.
The emphasis is on discovering and enjoying our unique natural environment, culture and history.

Bird watching, wind surfing, sailing, dolphin and wale watching trips, wind carting, wine tasting, historic monuments visiting, arts and craft fairs, local festivals, yoga and health retreats.
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