Mountain Biking

The Algarve has some truly spectacular mountain biking. It is very rough terrain with tracks linking almost all the mountains and valleys with a web of paths and tracks. The going on most routes is moderate, but it is possible to pick out some truly challenging routes or to just have fun on an easy route.

This is three season pedalling excluding summer which is too hot. Winter is very mild, with almost no rainfall. We offer a great deal of knowledge of the area, including maps, rides and information on the routes. We can also arrange pick-ups, airport transfers for bikes and kit.

We offer a number of day trips in and around the area of the of the south western Algarve. Week holidays: Join us for a week of biking and exploring around the Algarve..this is for every one.. if you are a started.. you will be getting fitter and finding your biking legs... If you are an accomplished rider, there are some real good rides to do... for more information send us a mail and we can sort out a itinerary.

Day trips:
Choose from a spectacular coastal cycle, taking in some tough ascents but with huge rewards. 6-7 hours
Or visit the inland and do a easier circuit... It has it all, farm land, forrest, lakes and a bar stop.

From mountain to coast:
Start 34km from the coast and follow roads and tracks down to the beach. This is a much easier ride but still requires a lot of pedalling.

Towards the sea:
A down hill cycle of the area. This is a circular bicycle ride that takes in some of the hidden Spanish delights. We explore the various villages and try their tapas. There is a support vehicle to take us up the very large mountains and then we ride down the other side. That is not to say there is no pedaling.

Coast to coast:
Start off on the wrong side of the hill,, climb up and off.. this is tough cycling, up, down and then again. The day is full of amazing scenery and some stunning tracks..

Easy rider:
There are lots of flats and some small rises, but we take the sting out of it and keep the fun. For those who know when to quit there is the possibility of getting in the van. Half day: this is a 3-4 hour ride that is both exiting and quite demanding. There is a lot of down hill but also an equal amount of up hill. The ride is mainly good, rough foresters track.


All equipment is provided as part of the package. All equipment used is of sound quality and is regularly checked.

Clients should provide their own toiletries, as well as suitable clothing for the activities (comfortable shoes for cycling) as well as suitable sun protection (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses).


All clients should be able to cycle (basic skill level).

While no prior experience is necessary, we would ask that anyone with a medical history of epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease, or any other major illness, consult their physician and let us know before joining us.

We spare no effort to ensure a safe experience, but assume no responsibility for your safety or loss of personal effects.

All clients are recommended to have medical insurance.

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