High Hopes trip

Every year around September we receive a special needs group from England. The group normally is around 10 strong, from 18 to 65 years old. This is an outdoor adventure - we surf, we kayak, we climb, we drive boats, we play games, we explore the mountains and coast on foot... and of course we eat a lot of good food.

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Help ¨School Africa¨

Our project is very small... back in 2009, I visited SA where I grew up. My mother has been working with developing child care and kindergartens in the townships around SA, so I went out with her for a visit to a few of the play schools... Well this was a true eye opener for me.. I lived in SA for so long and did not understand how the other part of the population live... Life is much more challenging in the town ships..

The little schools really touched my heart... most of them are made of discard building material and plastic and what ever can be found. The school that we decided to reach out to, has about 40 children and is a mismatch of wood, iron, plastic and glass... but somehow it is a school for all those little children. The day we visited it was raining so they had buckets lying next to the sleeping toddlers,catching the water coming through the leaky roof...

Despite this, everyone was so happy, children laughing, teachers not really noticing the unbelievable hardship that they had to work under. It touched me and I went back to comfy Europe with a plan... raise some money to put a new roof on the school.

In 2012 we returned to SA to take the children to visit their grandparents and with a small amount of money that we had raised for the little school... from our guests and ourselves. We visited the little school on a lovely sunny day and were greeted like movie stars...

The school head was overwhelmed with the money we had collected and could not thank us enough... The children all sang for us in English and Xhosa (local language), them we were on our way.

A connection has been made with this school and it will be nice to keep helping them with what ever we can...

Thank you to all those guests who put a little something in for the school... in Africa a little goes a long way. Much God blessing was sent from the school and so I pass it on to those that gave help.

We are continuing our quest to help this little school, if you would like to add a small amount it will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks for your support.

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